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Chamberlain Aesthetics is a private, highly professional clinic, discreetly operating external clinics in professional practices. Patient care and confidentiality is our main priority at all times and we always carry out a thorough, medical consultation prior to any treatment.  We aim to support and guide you through making that very important decision about your appearance to help you make the right choice. Enhancing natures gift, in the most natural way.  All Consultations are complimentary with no obligation to have treatment.



What You’ve Been Looking For

Business owner and practitioner, Belinda (Done) Christie, formerly of Evergreen Clinic in Liverpool, became a nurse in 1981 to fulfil her vocation of providing care to others.  In the 1990s, an opportunity arose allowing her to continue the work of helping others to feel better through the art of Aesthetics.  Belinda felt with her advanced skill set and deep care for others, this was the way for her to give 'hands on' care for her patients.  Belinda now boasts over 20 years of experience in aesthetic treatments and has a large returning client base of happy patients, who have remained loyal over their years of treatment.  Many patients travel from great distances, to continue having treatment with Belinda. 

Belinda is regularly invited to attend advanced aesthetics seminars and only uses the highest quality of products - by ensuring that the newest evidence based techniques are incorporated in to the clinic, which means that "you the patient" always gets the best available care.


You will be treated with respect and dignity at all times.  

A thorough medical consultation will be carried out free of charge, to ensure that the treatment plan, that you and I decide together is the best for your needs.

Your journey will not be rushed at any time, at each treatment you will have time to discuss your plan of care.

I will work to ensure that you have the best treatment and value for money that I can offer.

I am always available both pre and post treatment for any questions that you may have and I am always happy to help.

I continually update my medical skills and strive to ensure that treatments are effective, safe and appropriate for you, ENHANCING NATURES PRECIOUS GIFT.


Patient care and confidentiality is our main priority at all times and we always carry out a thorough, medical consultation prior to any treatment, to ensure that we find the best aesthetic treatment for you.  Our practitioners always aim to support and guide you through making that very important decision about your appearance and to help you make the right choice.  We comply with guidelines and best practice at all times, so that you can be sure that you are in safe hands.


We aim to provide you with the best service possible to help you feel better about yourself.  Aesthetic treatments here at Chamberlain Aesthetics are individualised for you and will help you to continue to feel confident in your own skin.  We aim to "turn back the hands of time" but keep you looking like you, this is so important in this world of fast changing lifestyles.

This involves all aspects of aesthetics from skin care, anti-wrinkle injections, volumisation treatments, slimming treatments, anti-ageing treatments and much more.

There are no sales pitches, as here at the clinic we are Health Practitioners not  Sales People.




These are used to treat lines and wrinkles, a temporary treatment, mainly on the forehead and around the eyes.

How it works: The injections of botox temporarily interrupts nerve impulses to muscles in the face and as a result the muscle relaxes.  As the muscle relaxes, the skin smoothes out.

This treatment will also lift the skin and provide improved tone.  Botulinum Toxin can be used to soften lines of expression such as crows feet, frown lines and forehead lines.  It can also relieve migraines, tension headaches and excessive sweating of the armpits.  You can usually see the results in 3-14 days.  Prices range from £50.00

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This is a temporary non-surgical treatment, involving an injection of a smooth flowing visco-elastic gel made of hyaluronic acid (HA).  HA is a naturally occurring substance in our skin that helps hydrate and adds volume.  Dermal fillers provide an immediate result.

Areas treated are forehead, nose to lip lines, chin, cheeks and lips.  Fine lines, wrinkles and folds are filled and corrected.  These can be wrinkles between the nose, between the eyebrows, around the mouth area and wrinkles around the eyes.  Mouths can become fuller and lips more clearly defined.  We specialise in volume loss and non-surgical rhinoplasty - nose reshape.

HA dermal fillers start at £250.00.  We use the following dermal fillers.  Belotero, Juvederm and Redensity.

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Thread veins or 'spider veins' are small veins in the skin, which commonly appear on the legs and face.  They are frequently seen on and around the nose.
Sclerotherapy is the most successful medical treatment for thread veins, it is a well established medical procedure which has actually been practiced since the 1920s and can be used to completely eliminate thread veins from the legs and face.
Belinda has been practising Sclerotherapy for many years and can show you a portfolio of excellent results achieved.  Prices start from £100 per session.  The approximate number of treatments will be discussed at consultation.

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PolyDioxanOne (PDO) is a treatment that has been available in the UK for over 11years. Belinda was trained in 2013 and has great experience in many areas of the body with this treatment.  This is a very effective, non-surgical lifting technique.

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This is an ideal substitute for cosmetic lasers for specific applications, where the power level of lasers are generally to high for the more delicate procedures in cosmetics, treatments include skin tags, warts, verrucas, liver spots, moles (with letter from GP) skin tightening, milia extraction and tattoo removal.

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Vampire Face Lift (PRP)
A treatment using platelets from within the body, to stimulate collagen production, this leaves the skin lifted, reduction of pores, elimination of fine lines.

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Often combinations of treatments are required, which can include the use of threads, fillers, toxin and vampire facelift, working together to maximise results.

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Lip Augmentation, is a medical treatment to enhance the lips, plump out and hydrate, 2 patients with the same treatment.

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The Aspect Peel is a lactobotanical peel which is a "light" peel BUT has the action of a "medium strength" peel such as a glycolic peel.
The difference being that there is virtually no down time with this peel, only mild redness, dryness but virtually no peeling, expect HEALTHY, GLOWING SKIN.
Aspect Peel has been developed by Australia's number one skin company and they simply believe "PROGRESSIVE not AGGRESSIVE".
A course of 6 peels is recommended for best results and then monthly maintenance.

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LED Light Emitting Diode Therapy is a treatment that is beneficial for every single person.
It"recharges" cells in our skin.  It lighten's and brightens the skin.  It reduces open pores.  It has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect (RED LIGHT) which helps sufferers with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea any skin ailment that causes dryness of the skin.  It works for acne sufferers (BLUE LIGHT) and can help to reduce the use of oral medications.  This versatile treatment can be safely used anywhere in the body it uses non-harmful light rays that targets the skin at certain levels depending on the required action.

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Excessive sweating occurs when someone sweats without the triggers of heat or physical activity.  This can have a big impact on how people feel about themselves and their day to day life.  Approximately 1% of the population suffer with the medical condition hyperhydrosis and there is no clear understanding as to why over production of sweat by the eccrine glands occurs.  The most common place is in the axilla (armpits) but hands, feet and the face can also be affected.
There are effective treatments available via GP but hyperhydrosis may require medical intervention with toxin.  This treatment interrupts the over productive stimulation of the eccrine glands, it is a temporary measure that can last between 3-7 months.

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Plasma Pen non-surgical eye lift, giving immediate lift and continues to work over the next few months, excellent for people unsure about surgery.

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Cryo Treatment_edited.jpg

Cryotherapy with the Kaasenlife is a new treatment offered at chamberlain Aesthetics.
Use of C02 lowers the bodies temperature from 28-32 degrees to below 10 degrees which has many therapeutic effects, including pain relief, anti inflammatory effects, sleep improvement relaxation and aids relief of anxiety plus facial rejuvenation, body contouring and fat freezing and body contouring effect

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Boa Suit and Treatment.JPG

Want to look better, feel better for the festive season and forever?

Here at Chamberlain Aesthetics we are pleased to announce this fabulous, no injections, natural, pain free method of freezing away fat cells and contouring our body which is now available.

Combine with our hydrating peel and ice blast facial and you really have a top to toe treatment.

This treatment helps to get rid of those winter blues and helps us to feel fabulous and ready to get in those LITTLE BLACK DRESSES or generally FEEL A MILLION DOLLARS.

Treatment :-
KaasenLife Cryotherapy helps us to breakdown stubborn fat cells and the Boa 🐍 Massage Suit enables elimination of these cells by the Manual Lymphatic Drainage method.
It also helps to reduce toxins,, contour the body, increase the endorphin rush, aid sleep, reduce anxiety and much much more. It is a pain free and comfortable treatment and is excellent for helping the symptoms of jet lag.

Price: £70.00 - Recommend 10 treatments

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Cannabis Oil Facial.jpg

Cannabis Oil Facial (non-psychoactive)

Perfect for Rehydration, Rejuvenation, Conjested Skin, Anti-aging, Sensitive Skin, Menopausal Skin, Skin Conditions (Eczema, Psoriasis etc), Acne & Oily skin.

Busy Bee Facial - Cannabis Oil and Red Light Therapy x 6 Treatments on a weekly basis - £75.00 each treatment.

Busy Bee Super Facial - Cannabis Oil, Derma Pen and Red Light Therapy x 6 Treatments, 6 weeks apart, £175.00 each treatment

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Tuesday 9-5, Wednesday 11-8, Thursday 9-5, Hours may vary, please check our  appointment system and search for Chamberlain Aesthetics





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